Sona Edons


Education today is changing its scope fast. The traditional classroom learning needs enhancement at every stage with the overexposure of students today with information, technological shifts and the competition resulting from it. The need of the time is the introduction of methods that reach out to the students learning which prepare them for the advanced studies in their future years in academic and professional courses.

Sona Edons brings in these learning methods in different forms which are inviting yet educative, simple looking yet thought Provoking, easy to comprehend but opening closed doors of learning effectively. Sona Edons is a set of innovative learning and teaching tools that will revolutionise the concept of education totally. These tools are based on the latest concept of teaching doing the rounds of schools which says that teaching and learning Should be a “Let’s Do It” for students rather than a “Must Do It”

The idea is to motivate & inspire everyone for a better and fun learning experience. Be it primary education where Edons can help build fine motor skills along with learning alphabets and numbers; or practically incorporating basic to very complex concepts of mathematics; or the new teaching concepts like bringing together Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) by the means of Robotics; new subjects like Energy Conservation; taking extra curriculum activities a new level with Wood Craft and Metal Working.

The Sona Edons will definitely make the difference that schools so much desire. To actually realize how much difference these tools need to be where they belong- in the classroom.

Sona Edons – a way to learn, while having fun.

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